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About company

The STEELCON-SERVICE company is the industrial trading enterprise, set up in Estonia in 2005.

The core business is production and sale of containers and platforms. We manufacture customized steel structures, and undertake outsourcing for welded steel structures, steel structures for construction sector and other products.

We also manufacture hooklift containers, hooklift platforms, conveyors, silo bunkers, container frames, scrap metal containers. We provide manufactured by our company steel structures and welded structures for construction sector.

We manufacture pre-fabricated buildings based on different types of cold-formed galvanized steel profiles. We design, manufacture and ship constructional structures for industrial and warehouse use, bolted assembly using customer drawings and rough drafts with snow load 120kg-320kg/m2.

Framed hangar today is the most economical choice. As the structure features the reduced-weight base, such hangar is inexpensive. Base tenacity is achieved through the efficient mass distribution. Steel structure parts require no special fixtures, clamps, etc. during the process of assembly. Such structure is also air-proof and very durable. And last, but not least: assembling hangar is cost-beneficial due to the ease of power supply connectivity, installation of ventilation system and water supply engineering.

Prompt assembly of the hangars is especially topical for companies and organizations who operate in production, processing and realization of agricultural produce, where storage directly affects the marketable conditions and the price. In poor storage conditions, root vegetables perish fast, and their price drops. Another important factor involves the hangar serviceability: it allows prompt access of vehicles, dealing with delivery and transportation, and workers engaged in loading operations, to the object. With hangar, you can always consider the volume of products for storage in order to choose a suitable size of the structure. The framed hangars are also used for warehousing, commercial, industrial and sport purposes.

Our aim is to build premium level machines that have strength, working life and residual values over and above that of any other equipment available in the market today.
The result of this approach is the delivery of cost effective, customer focused transport and handling solutions that take the best of modern design technology blended with engineering excellence at a price that offers best value.

We strive for continuous improvement both in the features of our long life structures and the service we provide, building trust and confidence with customers by delivering outstanding quality products and services which in turn add real value to their businesses.